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Hydraulic Control Valve

V-TEK Hydraulics is a leading brand of Hydraulic Directional Control Valve Manufacturers. We are working with a team of trained and professional engineers who are engaged in manufacturing the best quality of products. These are made with the cost effective advanced technology which is been used along with the significant high grade skills.

Hydraulic directional control valve will be fixed between association square and endplate by three screw stems (pull bars) and 12 directional spool valves can be mounted for a valve bank all things considered. By and large, the quantity of methods for the directional spool valve doesn't surpass 8. In the event that the number is equivalent to or bigger than 9, it's recommended to isolate the valves into two valve banks of the multi-way valve. With regards to the directional control valve with at least 9 different ways, in the event that the framework can't be isolated into two valve banks of the multi-way valve, it's required to arrange relating improved sort pull pole adornment. As per the unbiased position capacity and stream of the directional spool valve. Hydraulic Control Valves are made with or without auxiliary weight impediment, No weight confinement, C-type pressure constraint and AB-type pressure restriction. As per the activity way, unadulterated manual control, electronic control, pressure-driven control and rubbing situating. With or with no assistant capacity.

The Electro-Hydraulic Control Valve specifications are as follows :

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