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Mobile Control Valves

V-TEK Brand of Mobile Control Valves Manufacturers are known for their extraordinary quality and robust performance across Industry and Mobile Applications. The performance curves of these Control Valves are comparable to the best in Industry and are available at very economical rates.

V Tek Hydraulics is a significant brand of Mobile Control Valves Manufacturers. We are working with a team of professionals who are working with their expertise to manufacture the Mobile Control Valves. These Mobile Control Valves are made with the use of cost-effective advanced technology. These Mobile Control Valves are generally utilized for beginning, halting and controlling the working fluid stream between the generators of the pressurized stream (water-driven siphons), the buyers of such a stream (pressure driven chambers, engines thus) and the tank.

Versatile Hydraulic Control Valves well-being frameworks for a drive and working water power of portable gear. The scope of items incorporates all water-powered capacity components essential for this reason, for example, heading, weight, stream and check works just as the comparing structures (mono-and plate squares, module and remotely mounted components). It is supplemented by coordinated electronic sensors, controls and control components.

The directional control valve is a monoblock type, physically worked. Underway is a variation of working fluid parallel, arrangement or arrangement parallel conveyance.

These all are characterized for its control block feature. They are having an open centre, load sensing with medium and high-pressure technology. These are used with a flow of approximately 1600 i/min. It is also working on the nominal pressure of upto 350/420 bar. These are designed in the monoblock and sandwich pattern.