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Hydraulic Cylinder

V-TEK range of Hydraulic Cylinders, precision engineered in design and construction reliability and trouble free performance. Standard and Custom and Custom Designed Cylinders are offered for limitless applications such as Machine Tools, Heavy Duty Steel Mill, Mobile, Servo, Defence, Space etc.

We, Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers are working with a team of professional engineers who are involved in the manufacturing of the best quality of Hydraulic cylinders by using advanced technology. The Hydraulic Cylinder is likewise called linear hydraulic motor. What's more, it is the mechanical agent which is applied to offer a push in the constrained stroke at the single course. Hydraulic Cylinders are broadly utilized crosswise over different businesses which are identified with the machine as well, metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, delivery, water and power and so on.

The intensity of hydraulic cylinder originates from pressurized hydraulic oil which is a sort of unique oil. Each hydraulic cylinder has a chambered barrel where the cylinder bar can move well with this uncommon oil. What's more, one of the significant keys to move is the fixing execution. So the cylinder bar is associated with a cylinder. What's more, the cylinder is joined with sliding rings and o-rings. The internal chamber is separated into two chambers by cylinder, the base chamber and the cylinder bar side chamber. The piston moves a straightway when the oil pressure follows up on the cylinder.

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